Updates From Our Penn State Award Winners

Sharing updates from some of our past CPT Brian Faunce Memorial Fund award winners. Let’s see how they are doing since they graduated from Army ROTC at Penn State.

“Currently I am in Mosul, Iraq with 4-1AD. We are in charge of closing down one of the major bases up here in the north.”
Nicholas Edwards (2010)

“I spent my first 10 months at Fort Lewis as a Platoon Leader in a Rifle Company. I did so well that they moved me to the Recon Platoon. Before moving out here to Fort Lewis, I had completed Ranger and Airborne School down at Georgia. Now I am training with the Recon Platoon in preparation for deployment this spring. We leave for the National Training Center at Fort Irwin in a month.”
James Carite (2009)

“I am doing what I love. I am a Scout Platoon Leader and I recently was promoted to CPT. I just deployed (to Afghanistan) in July of this year and I will be here until next year and then back to good ol’ Germany.”
Tony Nicosia (2008)

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