Tribute to Brian from a Fellow Penn Stater

Sharing a tribute to Brian written by Justin Bish on his blog Presidential Leadership Academy:

This week’s blog is in memory of CPT Brian R. Faunce. CPT Faunce graduated from Penn State in 1996 with a BA in Spanish. He was a member of ROTC and commissioned into the active Army on 10 August 1996. CPT Faunce lost his life proudly wearing the US Army uniform in Iraq on September 18, 2003 leaving behind his wife, father, mother, and two sisters.

I bring this up because tomorrow I am playing in the Annual Faunce Memorial Golf Tournament with a few fellow ROTC Seniors. This is the second year we are playing and enjoy the opportunity to meet the family of one of Penn State’s and America’s true heroes. The Captain Brian Faunce Memorial was established in CPT Faunce’s memory, and they do a great deal to help Penn State Army ROTC. They recognize a senior every year that has displayed outstanding leadership and assist the newly commissioned officer in purchasing much needed uniforms. The Faunce Memorial also sends food to the Army ROTC Cadet Lounge every semester during finals week to help all of the cadets and their late night studying. These instances are just a few examples of the tremendous support the Faunce Family has given Penn State ROTC.

As everyone has a great weekend, let us not forget what happened ten years ago this Sunday. I know it is a day that will forever be ingrained in my mind. Take the time to remember those lost on September 11, 2001; but take a few moments to also remember those soldiers who have perished as a result of the two wars that were sparked because of the events on that day. Maybe this post will help put a name to the meaning of sacrifice and what it means to be a hero, especially since this fallen soldier was one of our own at Penn State. I encourage all of you to visit the CPT Faunce website as well at:


The author Justin Bish hiking Mt. Nittany with his dog, winter of 2011.

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