Penn State ROTC Award 2011 – Kevin Nichols

The CPT Brian Faunce Memorial Fund presented its eighth annual ROTC award to graduating Penn State University senior Kevin Nichols. This award is given to the Penn State Army ROTC student who best demonstrates the spirit, leadership and courage of CPT Faunce. The $1,500 award helps the recipient begin their military career with a gift card to AAFES (for the purchase of uniforms, boots, and other required gear).

Kevin is a Finance major who earned a 3.62 GPA. Among Kevin’s Army ROTC accomplishments these past four years are:

  • Superior Cadet Award, 2 years
  • Recondo Award LDAC 2010
  • Running Club Commander
  • Airborne School and Cadet Training at Ft Dix

Kevin also distinguished himself with his extra-curricular activities. He volunteered as a Big Brother, with the State College Alpha Fire Company, and he is a Penn State Resident Assistant with responsibilities for 30 residents. Did we mention the Swimming Club? Kevin says he likes to keep busy!

Upon graduation in May, Kevin will be commissioned in the Infantry Branch as a 2nd Lieutenant and is headed for Ft. Campbell, KY. We wish him the best in all his future endeavors.

Kevin Nichols accepting the award

Danielle Faunce presenting the award

Brian’s niece Avery Sand having fun with Danielle

Rich Faunce and Kevin Nichols post ceremony

Mike Runey and his wife, two West Point graduates. Thank you Mike for all your support!

Celebration dinner

Four of our five award candidates. Another outstanding field this year, we wish you all the best!

Brian’s mom Judy shares some thoughts with the group

Carol and LTC Robert Kennedy (Deputy Professor of Military Science)

Jeff and DeEtte Riley, friends of Brian who help us with local projects at University Park

Penn State Proud!

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